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Stream & Depar tm ent:

T her e ar e T wo Str ea ms na mel y; Ar t s and Sci ence at Ni l amani Mahavi dyal aya, Rupsa, Bal asor e. T he Sancti oned s t r ength for Ar t s Str ea m i s 192 and S c i ence Str ea m i s 128 . Ar t s Str ea m has Seven Depar t me nts na mel y; Econ o mi cs, E ducati on, Engl i sh, Hi stor y, Odi a, Pol i t i cal Sci ence and Sa nskr i t . Sci ence Str ea m has F i ve Depar t me nts n a mel y; Ph ysi cs, Che mi s t r y, Mat he mati cs, Botany and Z ool ogy . Cor e Cour se faci l i t y i s avai l abl e for b oth the studen t s of Ar t s and Sci ence Str ea m.


The College has a well-stocked library with a wide range of books and journals. The books are periodically updated with latest editions. All books and journals have been computerised. As a result, the stock of books and journals and their easy availability is realised. A reading room is attached to the library that can accommodate more than 50 students.


The college has well-equipped laboratories in the Dept. of Physics, Chemistry, Botany and Zoology with Demonstrators, Storekeeper and Attendants to assist the students for conducting practical.

Computer Lab:

There’s a Computer Laboratory with 10 Computers for the students. It caters for the basic facilities of a computer and browsing the internet for their study purposes.

E-Admission Cell:

Student Academic Management System has been opened for E-admission of Students. Trained teachers and staff are engaged to conduct the admission as per Govt. Guidelines.


One recognized hostel for girls with the capacity of more than 100 is provided for students coming from far off places. The hostels are well furnished and equipped with all basic facilities.

Games and Sports:

The college is privileged to have a playground covering an area of One Acre just in front of the main building. It has adequate sports infrastructure and equipments to enable students to practise various indoor and outdoor games.

Career Counseling and Guidance Cell :

The College has a Career Counseling and Guidance Cell. One Faculty Member is in charge of the cell. Career Counseling Programmes are organised for the students from time to time to aware the students about different Job Opportunities and Higher Studies.

Health Centre:

The college has a health centre where the students get their health check-up periodically by a reputed doctor. Medicines are made readily available for students who get injured and are taken ill.


The college canteen provides Tea and Tiffin to the students and staff. It occasionally prepares meals for guests who visit the college for different purposes.

Alumni Association :

There is an Alumni Association Consisting of Ex-students of the college. The association was established in 1999. Its responsibilities are categorically divided among the different office bearers.

Anti-Ragging Cell:

Anti ragging cell consists of all the Heads of Departments to prevent Ragging inside the college campus.

Anti Women Harassment Cell:

This cell has been constituted to address the grievances received from girl students and women staff members of the college. Sincere and efficient members of the staff have been assigned the said responsibility. The Cell is empowered to look into all forms of harassment against women.

RTI Cell:

Right to Information Act, 2005 was promulgated in 2005 to promote transparency and accountability in the working of every public authority. Hence, RTI cell has been constituted with one Faculty Member assigned the duty as PIO. The information asked are properly replied during stipulated time frame.

Extension Activities:

(a) National Service Scheme ( NSS):

National Service Scheme Sponsored by Ministry of Youth affairs and sports, Govt. of India plays a pivotal role in the personality development of the student volunteers. There are Two NSS Units (Boys and Girls) in the college with 200 Volunteers. Mr. Gouranga Panda, Lect. in Economics and Dr. Aruni Mishra, Lect. in History are assigned the duties of Programme Officers of the said units respectively. Regular and Special camping activities are organized during the year both inside and outside the campus.

(b) Youth Red Cross (YRC):

Red Cross is to inspire, encourage and initiate at all times all forms of humanitarian activities so that human suffering can be minimised and even prevented and thus contribute to creating more congenial climate for peace. Youth Red Cross is the vibrant wing of the college. It is sponsored by Indian Red Cross Society-Odisha State Branch (IRCS-OSB). Mr. Srabana Naik, Lect. in Mathematics and Mrs. Annapurna Rana, Lect. in Pol. Sc. are assigned the duties as Counsellors.

(c) Rovers & Rangers :

Rovers and Rangers is a Scheme under the Odisha Bharat Scouts and Guides, Odisha State Branch. Students register themselves as Rovers and Rangers under this scheme to serve the community. Nilamani Mahavidyalaya has Rover and Ranger Units to carry out the extension activities both inside and outside the campus. Dr. Shantanu Ku. Jena, Lect. in Botany and Dr. Aruni Mishra, Lect. in History are assigned the duties of Rover and Ranger Leader respectively.

Enhance e-resources and create e-platforms for teaching and learning..

(d) Eco-Club :

National Green Corps (NGC), commonly known as Eco-Club Programme, is an ambitious programme of Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change Govt. of Odisha which aims at spreading environmental awareness among the students and involving them in environment related activities by formation of Eco-Clubs. There is an Eco-Club Unit at Nilamani Mahavidyalaya, Rupsa. One Faculty Member is in charge of the Eco-Club who spreads various messages related to protection of Environment and conservation of Nature.

(e) Red-Ribbon Club:

Red Ribbon Club is a voluntary on-campus intervention programme for students. The Counsellor of YRC is assigned the duties of Counsellor of Red Ribbon Club. The programmes organised by RRC addresses the knowledge, attitude and behaviour of the Young minds to create awareness on HIV/ AIDS and Voluntary Blood Donation.